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Cette série est en anglais pour les anglophones ou ceux qui désirent apprendre cette langue.

Un poème d'Emily Dickinson : Not in vain.

Julie-Marie Parmentier dans son Petit Théâtre
Julie-Marie Parmentier dans son Petit Théâtre

Un poème de Louise Driscoll : Hold fast your dreams.

Un poème que j'ai écrit en heptasyllabes : The pirate and the Princess.



On Tuesday, I am a princess.

Yet, my castle is so vast !

Every room is in a mess.

Oh ! How I long for the past.


Once my castle was this small.

But I woke up yesterday,

It was so hopelessly tall

That I couldn’t find my way.


To be lost in your castle

Is rather dreadful and grey.

Soon though, I am to settle,

And I won’t ever be stray.




On the fourth day of the week,

I am only a baby.

Don’t you think it is easy

To be cared of when you’re weak !


Of course, I do suck my thumb, 

Even if I know it’s bad,

Once told me so mum and dad.

But I don’t listen to them !


To be tended with warm love

Makes me want to stay Baby.

Though I have to grow to be

The biggest I can think of.




On Saturday, musician

I am. Devoured by passion,

All my life is set to be.

Notes are driving me crazy !


Even though I’m Teddy bear,

I can play the guitar.

The lovely notes fill the air

And suddenly, I’m far, far…


When I play music, oh boy !

It’s like I’m having wings.

My heart is full of sheer joy

As soon as I hit the strings.




On the first day of the week,

I choose to be a pirate.

Even when the weather’s bleak,

I’m to see with my parrot.


His sharp and yellowish beak

For long, I’m afraid, is gone.

It was chewed by a lion

On the wide shore of a creek.


Oh ! How I love my birdy,

Even though he has no beak.

He’s my very good buddy,

We used to play hide and seek.




On Wednesday, I’m the devil.

My soul is as black as coal.

I’m poisonous with envy

And do not wish you to be.


All day long, I lie and steal.

All night long, I hit and kick.

Though, I’m feeling fairly sick

Of my bad heart made of steel.


I would like to hug and kiss.

Tenderness, I sadly miss.

All I know is hurt and pain

And my death will be in vain.




On Friday, I’m a beggar.

So far, scarse has been my luck.

Forever, in street I’m stuck

And my meals are so meagre.


But the world is all to me !

I can go where I want to.

No one tells me what to do.

Every day is up to me.


When you kindly give a pound,

Don’t be shocked if I drink it.

It’s hard to sleep on the ground.

In this world, I do not fit.




On the last day of the week,

It is time for me to rest.

Yet, I have myself to seek,

So I’m sure to do my best.


But I’m neither here nor there

And I’m nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, I’m made of air.

With this life, I have no bound.


The wind and the steep mountain,

The cold moon and the bright sun,

The tree and the green lush grass,

Everything is bound to pass…


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